Knee surgery procedures have come a long way in just the last 30 years or so.

Surgeons are able to take advantage of incredibly advanced medical tools, diagnostics solutions, and advanced surgical procedures to create modern medical miracles that simply weren’t possible just a few decades ago – but surgery is still surgery and you are still talking about another human poking around, slicing, and otherwise reconfiguring the inside of the human body.

There are all kinds of things that can go wrong during a knee surgery procedure, and a whole host of other issues that can spiral out of control afterwards even if the surgery goes picture-perfect.

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For these reasons (and a whole host of others) you should really think long and hard about moving forward with a knee surgery. Obviously, surgery itself isn’t ever and effortless decision that you’ll want to make all on your own, but instead you’ll want to get your surgeon involved in the process to really determine whether or not this is the best course of action.

For an ACL injury, for example, you’re obviously going to have to go under the knife as there is simply no other solution. But for a whole host of other knee problems you may not want to go with surgery but instead will want to choose a rest and rehabilitation protocol that can provide safer (if slower) results.

Meniscus tears may not need to be surgically repaired

A 2014 study conducted by Oxford determined that a meniscus tear surgical procedure is almost always detrimental for patients over the age of 50. Not only is it unwise because of the risk of infection, but it also accelerates joint degeneration, speeds up the rate of lost cartilage, and brings on early onset arthritis.

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Trimming to warn or aging knee cartilage away

Once thought to be a tremendously beneficial arthrosis copy surgical procedure, after nine different health organizations all over the world conducted individual studies and came to the same conclusion – that the surgery is not only unnecessary but it also provides very few benefits if any with a tremendous amount of potential risk involved – most surgeons won’t even move forward with the process unless there’s a no other option.

Knee debridement and lavage

An arthroscopic procedure like the one above that was designed to clean up arthritic tissue that had built up in the knee was debunked as a completely sham procedure in 2002. Most reputable surgeons won’t even come close to recommending this surgery, but will instead prescribed prescription painkillers and a physical therapy routine that provides much more significant benefits with next to no health risks.